Senior Pastor: What Should You Do With An Older Worship Leader?

Does your older worship leader seem out-of-touch or doesn’t connect with your younger generations? Find out how to lead him or her towards greater impact.

31 Summer Worship Ideas

31 Summer Worship Ideas To Level-Up Your Ministry

June + July + August x Worship Ministry = 🙁 Leading a worship ministry in the summer is like driving a car with only three wheels. Or trying to win a 100-yard dash wearing wingtips (or high heel pumps). Or trying to FaceTime someone with dial-up internet. When it comes to summer worship ministry, you’re…

Seven Summer Worship Leading Tips

Seven Summer Tips For Worship Leaders

Summer worship leading is tough. Here’s how to embrace the new routines and make the most of the summer months for you and your worship team.

How to Arrangement Hack

How to ‘Arrangement-Hack’ a Worship Song

Getting your band to create a great sound isn’t hard. Use these three easy-to-remember concepts to create new arrangements or replicate existing ones.


Five (Fixable) Things That Keep Your Team From Practicing

Here are five ways that us worship leaders encourage poor preparation. The bright side is that each of these things is also fixable by us, too.