Episode 11: Managing the Tension Between Performance and Worship

When musicians sing or play music in front of other people, that’s a performance. Except in worship. How do we deal with this worship-performance tension?


Worship Audition Fails: How to Avoid These 8 Big Blunders

If you avoid these worship audition mistakes, you’ll invite the right people in, keep the wrong people out, and grow a healthier worship ministry.


Hot Wings, Hot Donuts, and Why You Should Take Your Team to a Worship Conference

Going to a worship conference as a leader is beneficial. But taking your team members with you will multiply the impact of that event exponentially.

How To Save Your Church From Self-Focused Worship

Episode 10: How To Save Your Church From Self-Focused Worship

Manuel Luz joins us to talk about how to identify and escape the traps of self-focused worship and how to lead worship from our true selves.


Episode 09: The Six Mistakes That Keep Your Church From Singing

In this episode, we’re looking at the common things that we can do to both encourage and discourage our churches from singing.