Build An Engaging Team. Lead Life-Changing Worship.

We help you lead a team that creates amazing Sunday morning experiences for your church. has a three-part process to help you grow a stronger worship ministry, while getting more done in less time. We help you... 

  • Grow committed and engaged team members.
  • Build effective ministry systems.
  • Develop and release equipped leaders.


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Our Process

Equipped Leaders

Building a worship team that creates amazing Sunday morning experiences starts with leadership.

It may be at the end of our equation, but leadership is multiplying factor in this framework, and it's where we start.

You’re not meant to do this alone. We help identify your primary strengths in the six crucial worship leadership areas.

Then you'll be able to develop and equip the right leaders who complement you're strengths and weakness and can share the load. 

Engaged Team members

To lead and engage your congregation, your team may need to grow musically, relationally and spiritually.

To do that, we help you challenge your team members to mature in seven critical commitment areas.

As your musicians and techs grow in each of those seven areas, you'll see

  • more practice and preparation,
  • a deeper hunger for worship,
  • more commitment to the worship ministry,
  • and a healthier relationships on the team.

Effective Systems

Your systems hold your ministry together and help you get things done.

We help you build and implement eight essential systems that let’s you effectively run your ministry AND have time to do the stuff you’re passionate about—not just the stuff you have to do to be ready for Sunday.

Great systems and processes aren't just about running the ministry efficiently.

Systems are absolutely critical for you lead your team where you want them to go. They create culture and behavior and help move people towards your vision for ministry.

Your Next Step

To take your team to this next level means you need a blueprint that shows you how to build from where you are to where you need to go.  

That next step is to schedule a Blueprint Session.


Before you invest tons of time, money, or energy on training or resources that may (or may not) be what you and your team need, walk through the Blueprint Session process to get clarity, direction and even accountability to begin making those steps.

It’s affordable, it’s tailored-to-you, and it’s quick. In two weeks, you’ll be making progress on your goals, and have clarity about your next steps beyond that.

What is The Blueprint Session

The Blueprint Session uses our proven, 3-part framework to help you lead beyond the urgent work of "Sunday after Sunday" and do the intentional work to grow an engaged team that helps create amazing worship gatherings for your church.


Ready to get started?

Let us tailor a plan to your unique needs in our affordable Blueprint Session. In this session, an experienced coach will help you...

1. Assess YOur barriers to growing an engaging team

2. Clarify Which ministry systems YOu need to develop or enhance

3. determine your most crucial leaders to develop


By the end of The Blueprint Session, you will have a clear picture of where your ministry needs to grow and develop.

To jumpstart you on that building process, we'll help you determine the most effective change that you can make in the next two weeks.

Yeah, THAT kind of jumpstart.

You'll know the action steps that you need to take, and we'll even help keep you accountable to accomplish that goal. 

In two weeks, you'll have taken a significant step to leveling-up your ministry.

It's a high-return, yet affordable investment in you and your team. Schedule a Blueprint Session today.


Interested in the Blueprint Session, but want to learn more

Learn more about the Eight Essential System Checklist.



Helping Leaders Build Healthy Worship Teams


After leading his own worship ministry from dysfunctional to healthy, Jon Nicol has been able to help thousands of worship leaders and musicians through his blog posts, free resources, and live events.

He's written for Worship Leader Magazine, Worship Musician Magazine,,,, and others. 


Besides reaching widely, also been able to go deeper with hundreds of leaders. Through coaching and training, Jon and his coaches have helped them build their teams, develop effective systems, and grow their leaders. 

Jon and his team are committed to actually helping worship leaders in every area of their ministry, and they are very approachable when it comes to answering questions and sharing advice.  Our team has grown in every aspect and our congregation is way more engaged in worship after only a few months of using techniques from this course. I endorse The Exceptional Worship Team whole-heartedly!

Jack Daniels
Musical Director for David Phelps & Worship Leader at Garrett Memorial Baptist Church in Hope, Arkansas

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We will help you develop a blueprint that will guide you as you build the next phase of your worship ministry.