Live Training

Going to conferences and workshops can be fantastic for your team. The shared experience is invaluable for relationships. And the training can help them grow as worshipers, leaders, and musicians.

But, attending a conference does have its downsides:

The cost of the event and the travel adds up quick.

The quality of the training might be great, or just...meh.

Rarely can your whole team attend.

The solution?

Host your own event.

We can help you plan an event that will level-up your team, relationally, musically, and spiritually.

What does live training look like?

It could be a...

One-Day Workshop

Team Retreat

Training Weekend

And all for what it would cost to take just a few of your team members to a conference.

We Can Help In Two Ways...

Option 1: DIY

You facilitate the event using our training resources. We'll help you...

  1. Plan an impactful event for your team.
  2. Choose the ready-made training content that fits what your team needs.
  3. Create discussion and participation based on our experience with hundreds of workshops, conferences, and training sessions.

This "Do It Yourself" option is a great way an affordable way to create a high impact event.

A training consultation starts at just $49.*

* The content you use to train your team is an additional cost if you have not already purchased it or belong to

Option 2: Book Us

You can have Matt, Jesse, or Ian come work with you and your team.

  • We'll customize training to fit whatever your team needs.
  • We'll help you plan the event for the most impact.
  • We'll work with you to make it fit your budget.

We’d love to set up a time to talk with you. Complete the form below to start the conversation.

Booking a trainer starts at just $749 (plus travel/expenses).

Start Planning Your Event

Here are the steps to begin planning your event.

1. Complete the form.

In the brief form below, tell us what you're thinking about and what you want to accomplish. 

2. Meet with us.

We'll connect to talk about how to make this game-changing event for your team.

3. Schedule your event.

We'll work together to create the event at the right time for your team. 

Build a long-term training program...


Discover how Worship Workshop can help you transform your team members into Team Leaders, Mentors, and Role Models.