Level-Up Your Musicians

Developing Your Band

One of the first places to start leveling up your team’s musicianship is how they play together as a team. A group of talented individuals make a terrible band if they’re not intentional about...

  • singing/playing a part that fits the song and style,
  • listening to other players and singers,
  • and complementing them.

Here are three resource options that can help train your team musically.

Resources & Training

Option #1: Getting Started


Get This Free Quick Guide: Arranging Essentials for Worship Musicians

Arranging doesn't have to be complicated. This guidebook will...

  • Teach your team a framework for hearing and identifying the main elements of an arrangement.
  • Identify the big mistakes that worship teams make with each element.
  • Give you practical ways to create a solid arrangement, even with limited instruments.

Click this button below to get access to the Arranging Essentials For Worship Quick Guide.

Option #2: Going Deeper


Get This Team Training Course: Arranging Essentials For Worship Musicians

This course will teach your team easy-to-apply concepts to create a killer arrangement of any song. 

  • Works for any sized band.
  • Learn how to play tight and together.
  • It will promote healthy teamwork as they learn to listen and work together.
  • It's a fantastic training to develop musical directors. 

Option #3: A Comprehensive Training Process


Discover how Worship Workshop can help you transform your team members into Team Leaders, Mentors, and Role Models.

Comprehensive Musical Training Develop Your Team Musically, Spiritually & Relationally

  • Save Time

    On-demand classes & a training process that fits you and your team's busy schedules.

  • Multiply Yourself

    Leadership development and mentoring will become a natural part of your ministry.

  • Grow a Healthy Team

    A ready-made resource for you to develop your team members into team leaders, mentors and role models.

  • Train Intentionally

    You'll have proven process to equip every team member—consistently and intentionally.