Senior Pastors

The Challenge

As the senior pastor, you care deeply about the quality of your worship service. You also want to lead your staff/team well.

But you might be experiencing one or more of these issues:

Your worship leader knows music, but doesn't understand Biblical worship or how to lead a congregation.

Your worship leader is a talented worship leader, but he or she struggles to lead the team.

Your worship leader is "administratively-challenged" and doesn't know how to run a ministry effectively.

It feels like you and your worship leader speak different languages.

You need to hire (or fire) a worship leader, and you'd like some guidance to get it right.

The Solution

We can help you connect with and develop your worship leader, or we can train or mentor him/her directly in whatever area he/she needs to grow.

And if you need to hire (or maybe fire) a worship leader, we can help you take the right steps and avoid common mistakes many churches make. 

I Want To...

Explore a Growth Plan and Mentoring

We can work with you to create a customized development process for your worship leader in any and all of these areas:

  • Building and leading a team.
  • Planning and leading worship services.
  • Leading and administrating the worship ministry.
  • Growing as a leader.
  • Spiritual growth and development.

Hire A New Worship Leader

We can help you...
  • Determine what kind of worship leader/pastor your church needs
  • Review applications, resumes, and demo videos to find the right candidate.
  • Know what to ask and look for during the interview process.
  • Navigate the difficult process to decide whether to retain or fire your worship leader. 

Lead My Worship Pastor Better

We can help you...
  • Connect with and lead your worship pastor/director more effectively.
  • Discover what personality or style issues might be hindering your relationship.
  • Resolve conflict that’s keeping your relationship from moving forward.

Connect & Find Solutions

Let's Schedule a Consulation

Your situation with your worship ministry might be common or quite unique. Either way, we want to get to know you and the challenge you’re facing.

Here’s how it works:

1. Schedule

Complete the short form and choose a time that works for you.

2. Call

We'll talk to see if we're a good fit to help you tackle your challenge. If it does seem like a good fit, then...

3. Take Action

We create an action plan with up to three options that fit your budget and objectives. And If you decide we’re not right for you, no worries. There’s no obligation to hire us.

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