People & Team Issues?

The Challenge

Attitude and relationship issues are a part of any team. But when you have a team of musicians, those issues are multiplied.

You also will see other heart and relationship issues, like

  • Lack of commitment...
  • Burnout...
  • Gossip...
  • Entitlement...
  • Conflict...

So what do you do?

The Solution

We’ve developed coaching and resources to help you overcome relational roadblocks and heart-attitude issues that are holding back your team.

You absolutely can grow more unified team members who care for each other and are excited to follow your leadership. We'd love to be a part of guiding you there.

I Want My Team To...

Grow As Worshipers

Your team will learn...
  • What worship truly is. So many attitude issues can be resolved when team members learn it’s not about ME.
  • The biblical heart of worship. Worship isn’t about singing on Sundays. It’s about following Jesus.
  • How to be worshipers on the platform AND throughout the week.

Grow Together

Your team will…
  • Learn how to deal biblically with tough team issues like conflict and authority. 
  • Discover the heart attitude issues that keep them from living out their calling.
  • Learn what it means to be a healthy team member inside a healthy team.

Level-Up Their Commitment

Your team will...
  • Learn which of the seven critical commitment areas they’re failing to engage in.
  • Discover what, besides music or tech skills, is required for them to be engaged team members.
  • Grow in their commitment to the team, without sacrificing their family or emotional health. 

Onsite Team Member Training

Explore a Team Retreat Or Workshop

For the cost of taking three to four team members to a big worship conference, you can create a customized training event at your church.

Your team will get focused, hands-on training to accelerate their growth far beyond what even the best conference could deliver.

Need a Team Development Process?

The EQUIPPED Workshop

How to Lead, Teach, and Unleash a Healthy Worship Team 


To help you intentionally level-up your worship team, we’ve created a three-part, ministry-jumpstart workshop called Equipped: How To Lead, Teach, & Unleash a Healthy Worship Team.

The EQUIPPED Workshop will give you a process to...

  • Develop engaging team members...
  • Grow strong leaders...
  • And build a healthy team culture.

What You Get...

3 In-Depth Modules / Bite-Sized Video Lessons

The Implementation Guidebook

Team Member Assessments

Coaching Emails

The EQUIPPED Workshop will help you...

Get a Clear Picture...

... where your team is at, and where they need to go.

Grow Your Ministry...

...for the long-term, and still have time to prepare for 'this Sunday.'

Discover the Process... build a team of leaders, mentors, and role models, step-by-step.

Implement the Plan...

...with a practical guidebook and insightful assessments.

Go Further, Faster...

...with accelerated training—complete the workshop in less than ninety minutes.

This premium-level video workshop is a jumpstart to build your ministry. You can get full access to it for only $7!

Purchase The Workshop Today. Only $7.

Click the button to purchase the full workshop with a one-time only payment of $7.

Grow A Better Worshiping Team

The lead worshiper 101 course

Get This Team Training Course: Lead Worshiper 101

Develop your team members to be lead worshipers. This training will teach them how crucial their role is. They'll learn: 

  • The Biblical role of lead worshipers.
  • It's not just about making music.
  • How to serve with the right heart.
  • To be expressive and engaging as they lead.

Click the button below to learn more about Lead Worshiper 101.

Explore Worship Workshop


Discover how Worship Workshop can help you transform your team members into Team Leaders, Mentors, and Role Models.

Get Comprehensive Team Training with Worship Workshop Develop Your Team Musically, Spiritually & Relationally

  • Save Time

    On-demand classes & a training process that fits you and your team's busy schedules.

  • Multiply Yourself

    Leadership development and mentoring will become a natural part of your ministry.

  • Grow a Healthy Team

    A ready-made resource for you to develop your team members into team leaders, mentors and role models.

  • Train Intentionally

    You'll have proven process to equip every team member—consistently and intentionally.