Build Time-Saving Systems

A Disorganized Worship Leader? Really?!

Let’s face it, most worship leaders did NOT become worship leaders because they’re administratively gifted.

And much of the “lack of time” that worship leaders experience is because their ministry processes and systems aren’t as organized as they should be. But even the organized worship leaders struggle because a growing worship ministry has so many moving parts.

We can help you develop well-run ministry systems that require LESS of your time, energy and and attention.

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Level Up Your Eight Essential Systems RENOV8 Workshop Series

These workshops are designed to help you run your critical ministry areas better—to produce better results in less time. 

Here are the eight workshops:

  • How To Get More (And Better) Musicians
  • Slacker-Proof Your Schedule
  • EXCELLENCE: Build a Preparation-Driven Team
  • ENGAGED: Develop ALL-IN Team Members
  • EQUIP: Build a Team of Leaders, Mentors & Role Models
  • Avoid the Monster List: Get Your Church to Sing More
  • SET FOR SUNDAY: Creative Service Planning at a Sustainable Pace
  • COMMUNICATE: Information, Expectation & Healthy Culture Formation

The workshop includes:

  • On-demand video lessons.
  • Implementation guides.
  • Ready-made tools and other bonus resources.
  • And more!

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