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The Blueprint Session

Slave To This Sunday?

As a worship leader, it’s easy to become a slave to “this Sunday.” All your time and energy is focused on getting the music and your team ready the weekly services. As a result, you aren’t able to focus on building your worship ministry for the long term.

You’re not alone. Most worship leaders get consumed by the week-to-week demands of the job. And it's that "weekly grind" stuff that keeps you from the parts of worship ministry that you’re passionate about.

The Blueprint Session uses our proven, three-part process to help worship leaders break free from the weekly grind and grow an exceptional team that leads life-changing worship. It helps you to lead beyond this Sunday.

Level Up Your Worship Ministry

We will help you develop a Blueprint for real change. You can't fix everything at once. So we help you get clarity and focus about which area of your ministry to renovate first. Here’s how:

    • We start wide. We’ll guide you through the process of assessing the current reality of your team, your systems, and your leadership.
    • After that, we'll help you identify your most crucial growth areas.
    • With the help of your leadership coach, you'll clarify the most important thing to accomplish in the next two months AND set measurable and actionable goals.
    • During those following two months, you'll receive ongoing encouragement and accountability to help you accomplish your goals in that timeframe.

We help you grow an ENGAGED TEAM, built on EFFECTIVE SYSTEMS, and multiplied by EQUIPPED LEADERSHIP.




Your Investment of $79

$79. You could buy a venti caramel macchiato every day for about two weeks. 

$79. You could buy a good, used SM58 microphone for the youth band. 

$79. You could get five or six regrettable haircuts at Great Clips.

$79. You could go out with your spouse for dinner and a movie. But paying for a babysitter? Only if you eat cheap.

$79. You could buy multitracks for two worship songs. 

$79 doesn't go that far anymore. Unless you're talking about the $79 you'll spend on a Blueprint Session.

Here's what you get:

  • 77-Point Discovery Report that digs into every aspect of your worship ministry. The report shows you where your best growth opportunities are, and how you can build those specific areas of your ministry.
  • The Worship Leadership Role Indicator Tool helps you recognize what your strongest leadership roles are, and also where you need to develop other leaderships to complement the roles you’re not as strong in. You will also be able to use this tool as you develop your leadership team. 
  • A Customized Blueprint Guide containing your primary objective for the next two months, along with specific goals and follow-up plans.
  • A one-hour, one-on-one leadership coaching session with a trained and experienced coach (a $97 value by itself).
  • Follow-up emails for accountability and encouragement. We don’t leave you hanging. We’ll send you follow-up emails to encourage you and help to accomplish this objective in the next two months.
Ready to invest? 

Blueprint Session: $79
(one-time payment only)

I'm Ready To Schedule My Blueprint Session

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Who Is This For? 

The Blueprint Session is for YOU if you have... 
  • A solid worship ministry already, but you KNOW it can be better. Let us help you find the path from alright to exceptional. 
  • A plateaued worship team (spiritually, musically, relationally, or numerically). You need to find a catalyst (that's leadership-talk for "kick in the pants") to get them growing again.
  • Inherited a dysfunctional team after stepping into a new position. The Blueprint Session is both a compass and tool to help you turn them around.
  • Become weary of getting the same results Sunday after Sunday. We can help you break free of the weekly grind and lead beyond this Sunday.
We do Blueprint Sessions with...
    • Full-time Worship Pastors/Leaders
    • Part-time Worship Pastors/Leaders
    • Volunteer Worship Leaders
    • Senior Pastors looking to grow their church's worship ministry
  • Anyone who does not have the authority to change the direction of the team, for example, a worship team member.*
  • Or Communists. Sorry, comrade

Blueprint Session: $79
(one-time payment only)

I'm Ready To Schedule My Blueprint Session

Click Here To Schedule Your Blueprint Session

*(If that’s you wanting to change your church’s worship ministry, consider leadership coaching to help you better understand how you can "lead up” from a team member position.)