What's Holding You Back
from the NEXT LEVEL?

The Blueprint Session will help you...

  • Get clarity on where you need to focus your leadership energy.
  • Determine a plan of action to make real change.
  • Set (and crush) a BIG goal within two weeks to start the transformation.

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Regular Price: $99

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What Is the

Blueprint Session?

The Blueprint Session is an affordable assessment and coaching process that helps you get clarity and make real changes right now.


Through a full-scope ministry assessment and one-on-one coaching, we help understand...

1. How committed and engaged are your TEAM MEMBERS.
Anytime you make a change to the ministry, it affects your team members. You need to know where they’re at.

2. The health of your ministry SYSTEMS.
You already know what’s working well and what’s not. But you’ll walk through a 77-point Discovery Process that will show you where you need to focus your time and energy as the leader.

3. What kind of LEADERSHIP challenges you’re up against. 
You’ll learn which worship leadership roles are your strongest and weakest, so you'll know where your other leaders can help you.

You might be one of three places:

You're 90% Of The Way There

You’ve got your “next level” mapped out and you’re 90% confident to move ahead with it.

The Blueprint will help you get that last 10% of clarity and focus—AND the accountability to take the last crucial steps to the finish line.

You Need a Course Correction

You know where you're going, and you’ve taken some steps. But you need to refocus your leadership and get re-energized for this challenging journey.

The Blueprint Session will help you do that.

You're STUCK.

You see how much work you need to do, but you’re not clear on what would be the best use of your leadership focus and energy.

If you need to get clarity on what to tackle first, the Blueprint session will give that.

What Do You Get With The Blueprint Session?

The 77-Point Discovery Assessment

This assessment digs into every aspect of your worship ministry: leadership, systems, and team members.
From that assessment, we customize a report for you and your church that tells you...
  • What areas you're strong.
  • Where you've got the best growth opportunities.
  • Practical tips on how to build those specific areas of your ministry.

Leadership Role Assessment

The Worship Leadership Role Indicator Tool helps you recognize what your strongest and weakest leadership roles are, so you know exactly where you need other leaders to help where you’re not as strong.

You will also have ongoing access to use this tool with your own team members and leaders.

1:1 Leadership Coaching

You'll get a one-hour, one-on-one leadership coaching session with a trained and experienced coach (a $97 value by itself).

During this session, you and your coach drill down to create an attainable goal with a challenging, but realistic deadline.

The Blueprint Session is about taking action now on the changes you want to make.

Personal Follow-Up

We don’t leave you hanging after the coaching session.

Your coach will help you through accountability and encouragement. We’ll send you follow-up emails to encourage you and help to accomplish the goal you set.

The Blueprint Session is the jumpstart you need to make lasting change in your ministry.

What Most Leaders Do WRONG...

"I've GOT this..."

When most leaders have a big challenge to tackle or a new initiative they want to implement, they think to themselves, "I got this. I know what to do.”

And you know what? They probably do. But "knowing what to do” is way different than...

  • Setting attainable but challenging goals...
  • Planning your action steps...
  • and DOING it.
The Blueprint Session can help you do what most leaders don’t do because they let the urgency of Sunday after Sunday win out.

So don’t let another big chunk of the year go by before you tackle that thing you know you need to do.

Sign up now for Blueprint Session:

You're at a leadership crossroads...

The road in one direction is doing what you’ve been doing—which is likely going OK. But you know your team can (and should) level up.

The road in the other direction starts with you signing up for the Blueprint. When you pivot to walk down this road...

  • You'll get a clear picture of your team, your systems, and your leaders.
  • You’ll know clearly what your next crucial steps are.
  • And, you'll have an experienced leadership coach guiding you towards your goal.

The Blueprint Session can be the jumpstart you need to make lasting change in your ministry. 

Imagine, the work you do now with the Blueprint could last far beyond you, both with your worship ministry and your church—and even the Kingdom.

Sign Up For a Blueprint Session Today

Regular Price: $99

Limited Time Sale: $79

Got Any of These Frequently Asked Questions?

I’m in a super-busy season right now. Can I buy the the Blueprint Session now and do the coaching and assessement later?

Absolutely. You have a full 60 days after you purchase the Blueprint to complete your assessments and schedule your coaching session.

I’m a senior pastor and I recognize my worship ministry needs some work. Can I buy this and be involved in the process with my worship leader?

Yes. Before your worship leader starts any of the assessments, you and the coach can determine a plan that keeps you in the loop.

I’m a volunteer worship leader with a day job. Will this work for me?

Sure thing! We can plan the coaching around your schedule.

I’m a team member, but not an official leader on my team. Can I do this to help my ministry?

If you don’t have the recognized leadership authority to change the direction of the team, you will probably be frustrated. We recommend sharing this page with your worship ministry leader.

If you want to change your church’s worship ministry, consider leadership coaching to help you better understand how you can "lead up” from a team member position. Contact us (help [at] worshipteamcoach [dot] com) and we can get you more information about that.

We’re a traditional/liturgical church. Will this be helpful for us?

If you have team members, ministry systems and leaders (or want leaders), than YES. There may be a few questions on the assessment that lean toward modern worship, but most can be applied in any church setting.

Can I do this assessment with my worship ministry leadership team?

Mostly. The one-on-one coaching session works best when it’s focused on you and your leadership. But you can work through the assessments together.

After you purchase, let your coach know that you want to involve your leadership team. He’ll help you come up with a plan.

Sign Up For a Blueprint Session Today

Regular Price: $99

Limited Time Sale: $79

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