Leading A Lot of Worship? Three Tips To Help You Stay Sincere

Andrea writes a great guest post here that all of us can relate with: checking out while leading worship. If you haven’t done it, you either haven’t been leading very long or you’re the next pick for Pope.

Worship And Groceries

It’s a tricky when the worship you used to belt out in your room with no one listening becomes the thing you do for work, routinely, in front of people, for money. How do we as worship leaders stay honest and sincere in this role?

I want to start with a confession. I had a moment as a worship leader where I was standing on stage in front of hundreds of people, singing worship and simultaneously remembering what groceries I needed to pick up on the way home.

I don’t even know how my brain auto-piloted the whole song, but I do know this: I wasn’t really LEADING.

That experience jarred me – I became grossed out at the thought of walking into God’s house and claiming to lead His people, then spacing out and not meaning the words.

How can we who have been called by God to lead worship let ourselves get complacent? Why is it so tempting to get bored, check out, or become discontent with our amazing opportunity?

I got alone with God and asked for some heavenly strategy for staying sincere. Here are the tips that have helped me.

1. Steal Away With Jesus

He really is a never-ending Source of newness. If your calling has started to feel stale, you need a fresh perspective from the friend Who sees all. There’s no substitute for shutting the door and pouring your heart out before Him – off the stage and off the clock.

Come Away With Me (Jesus Culture) has become my theme song for this pursuit. I’ve never regretted spending time at Jesus’ feet, have you?

2. Watch Your Internal Dialogue

Are you stressed, negative, offended, or discontent for most of the week and then wondering why the worship set is feeling stale and lifeless to you on Sunday? Just saying.

3. Remember Worship Is More Than Emotion

Some worship leaders guilt themselves for not feeling strong emotions every time they lead a song.

This is different than insincerity. Let’s think about it realistically for a second. You woke up before dawn, spent the morning reining in volunteers on their day off, and then sang this three-chord song nine times in one day. That’s why it’s called SERVING.

Sometimes we are moved to tears; other times our stomach is just growling. Both times can be worship if you keep your heart open and enjoy wherever you are – because God can work through the music in both of those instances.

It’ll help to define sincerity as humbly living in alignment with the words you sing, not as having tingly feelings when you sing them.

For Discussion Below: What are some things that help you stay sincere?

Guest Writer