023: Diminish The Drama: How To Breath Life Into Difficult Situations On Your Team

By Jon Nicol

Today’s main training comes from our Director of Coaching, Jerimae Yoder. Besides being a full-time worship leader, Jerimae is an accomplished coach. He gives us some amazing insight on how to deal with tough situations that, frankly, would be easy for us blow up and make worse.


Show Notes...

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If you want to experience the kind of coaching that Jerimae talks about, the best (and most affordable) way to do that is through out Blueprint Session. Go here for more information.



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Our music today is from Mike Graff at CoreSounds. Go to CoreSound to get some free sample of pads to use in worship. I use these at my church and they are tasty. You can also check out CoreSounds royalty free music for your church's video projects: CoreSoundMusic.com

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Originally written: February 22, 2017
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