Episode 028: Authority Issues Might Be Killing Your Ministry

Developing Your Worship Team, Part 3

Submission to authority is NOT a fun topic. But if you want a healthy worship ministry—you’ve got to deal with this issue head on. Because if you have team members who won’t submit to your authority or the church’s authority, your ministry will suffer.

In this training today, we are diving into the first 2 lessons from the Worship Workshop class, Healthy 201: Understanding Authority, Submission, Conflict And Confrontation.

Now, that’s a big pile of “loaded topics” we stacked into one class. But all these hot button issues all related. And they can all destroy our teams if we aren’t dealing with them appropriately.

In these first two lessons of Healthy Team 201, we get into what authority looks like on the team and what happens when we rebel against authority.

You can get these two audio lessons + slides to train your team down below at Tools And Resources.


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The Beginners Guide To Using Pads in Worship

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