Episode 014: The Six Must-Have Leadership Roles Your Team Needs

The Six Must-Have Leadership Roles Your Team Needs

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In this episode, we’re going to talk about the Six Must-Have Leaders That Your Team Needs. This isn’t to make you feel bad about yourself and try to find ways to work harder and be more to more people. This is really about figuring out how to do less and do it better.

What we’re looking, essentially, this is the building blocks for a Leadership Team that you can build.

To frame these Must-Have leadership roles, I’ve divided them into 3 categories –

  • Leading In,
  • Leading Out
  • Leading Beyond

Leading In

1. Team Shepherd

This is the leader who cares for and nurtures your team members.

2. Admin Coordinator

This is the person or people overseeing the big systems of your ministry.

Leading Out

3. Congregational Leader

He or she is the upfront person leading the songs, engaging the congregation and modeling worship—the lead “lead worshiper”.

4. Musical Director

The person who leads the band and sometimes the BGVs. They know the flow of the set, they know the segues, they know the dynamics of the song and they know how to direct the band to play those dynamics and make those segues.

Their main goal is to make it easy for the worship leader, or in this case, the congregational leader to lead worship.

See Episode 10 for more about Musical Director.

5. Service Planner

This is the person who plans the service or set lists. A person gifted in this role has the ability to create a flow and feel to the service.

Leading Beyond


6. Visionary Leader

This is the leader who is taking the team into the future.



1. Think about yourself and how you function in each of those roles. To help you, download the free Worship Leadership Role Indictor.

[Click here to get the free Indicator tool] No sign-in required.

2. The second thing is to have two other people take the indictor as if they were you.

3. Begin to list others in your ministry who could start to fulfill some of these leadership roles. And consider inviting them to take the indicator.

Jon Nicol