Free Worship Team Devotional: Heart Check, 3

“I just worship better when i’m on stage.”

Have you ever said or thought this?

Is there something special about being onstage and part of the team?

Is there an “energy” when you’re part of a live band?

Can there be something extremely validating about singing and playing for an “audience.”

With trepidation, my answer is yes, yes and even yes.


There is something special about being onstage. Unfortunately we turn special into privileged and entitled. The latter is the ugliest.


Oh, yeah. When you’re playing/singing with a live band, there’s an intangible dynamic that happens when feeling the music together. But you can get that same “energy” playing in a bar band. Don’t confuse it with true worship.


And yes, validation. When a person is able to use their gifts and talents to edify the church, there’s an affirmation of those gifts and talents. It’s also validates what he’s worked so hard to achieve. But affirmation and validation are too often used to prop up our self-worth, rather than finding our true worth in Jesus.

Here’s where it turns: since our self-worth is bolstered by the stage, we start to need it. And for those of us who have COAS (center-of-attention syndrome), the stage can be crack-cocaine.

There are a few of you reading/hearing this and thinking, “Seriously? People struggle with this?” If that’s you, my guess is your personality-type doesn’t naturally crave the spotlight. All I can say to you, my friend, is you’re blessed. The rest of us have a lot of heart-work to do each and every week.

Suggested Scriptures to Read: Mt 23:5 – 11; Luke 14:7-11; Proverbs 18:12

For discussion:

  • The worship team’s role is unique, or “special,” in that sense of the word. How do we keep “unique” or “special” from turning into “privileged” and “entitled?” What are the long-term dangers for us as individuals and our team if we let the sense of privilege and entitlement go unchecked?
  • Do ever find moments when you’re wrapped up in the energy of the live music more than worshiping God? How do you deal with that?
  • When you’re not on the platform/stage, do you struggle with feeling like it’s harder to worship? What are some reasons for that? How do we deal with it?

Feel free to suggest your own discussion questions and scriptures in the comment section. We’d love to hear it.

This devotional was derived from an article I wrote for called “Soar On Wings Like Egos, Part 3”

Jon Nicol