Episode 004: 10 Tactics To Run Killer Rehearsals

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Rehearsals are crucial for the success of the worship team. We dive into these 10 tactics to help you run not only better rehearsals, but make your team better in the process.

1. Start on time
2. Be the most prepared person in the room
3. Plan out your rehearsal
4. Separate vocalists & instrumentalists for part of the rehearsal
5. Get Tech Support
6. Listen only to new songs
7. If you’re the leader, lead.
8. Don’t be afraid to NOT run the whole song
9. Institute a no-noodle policy
10. Get your team in the habit of marking up their charts

At the end, we also dive into frequently asked questions about rehearsals. Those questions include:

  • How do I get people to show up prepared?
  • How do I deal with chronically late team members?
  • What do I do when people won’t come to rehearsals?
  • And the follow up question to this is: What do I do when people legitimately CAN’T come to rehearsals?

Let me hear from you: What are some techniques and tactics you use to run great rehearsals? Or, what other questions do you still have about rehearsals.

Jon Nicol