How To Lead Your Team By Asking Great Questions

By Jon Nicol

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Show Notes

The Interview with Jerimae Yoder (Intro: 3:28 / Interview: 6:12)

The Free Tool: The Great Question Cheat Sheet (47:12)

Special Podcast Listener Discount for The Blueprint Session (47:27)

Plugged In Moment (48:46)

Free 1:1 Leadership Coaching Opportunity (55:14)

The Interview

Today's interview is with our very own Jerimae Yoder, Director of Coaching for Jerimae is also the worship leader for the South Campus of The Chapel in Norwalk, OH.

We talk about Jerimae's training and experience as a leadership coach (and being coached) and how asking great questions is really at the heart of leading your worship team members.

The Free Tool

This episode's free tool is a The Great Questions Cheat Sheet. It's a list of great questions to help you get to the heart of the matter as you're leading and shepherding your team members. 

Click the button below to get access to it:

Get Your Free Questions Cheat Sheet 


Special Discount For The Blueprint Session

If you're thinking, YES, I want some coaching (or I want to learn HOW to coach), a great place to start is the Blueprint Session. To get a 25% discount on a Blueprint Session, use this promotional code in Step 2 of registration: bps25 

Go here to learn more about The Blueprint Session.


Plugged In Moment

Eric Frisch and Dusty Wallace, co-hosts of The Plugged-In Church Podcast bring us a new segment in The Exceptional Worship Podcast: The Plugged-In Moment. In this episode, they're discuss a often-confused term that causes miscommunication between sound techs and the platform team.

By the way, Dusty has started writing for Check out his articles here


Free 1:1 Leadership Coaching Opportunity

If you're interested in getting a free coaching session (and are OK with it being recorded), then click here to fill out this short form. If your challenge or topic seems like it would be something other worship leaders would benefit from, we'll set up a coaching call with you.

I Want To Be Coached Live

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Originally written: May 20, 2016
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