027: Developing Your Worship Team, Part 2

By Jon Nicol

How To Be An Effective Lead Worshiper

Do your team members REALLY know how to fulfill their role as lead worshiper on the platform? And do they know how to prepare for that? And do you techs know that they ALSO play a role as lead worshipers.

This episode is going to give you some practical training to help develop your team members as lead worshipers.


Today’s training comes from the first three lessons of the WorshipWorkshop.com class, Lead Worshiper 101:

  • Lesson 0: The Introduction
  • Lesson 1: Our Roles as Lead Worshipers
  • Lesson 2: How To Prepare to Lead Worship 


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Tools and Downloads

To download the WorshipWorkshop.com training audios and slides for this episode, go here.


Additional Resources: 

The Beginners Guide To Using Pads in Worship

Click here to watch the training for free (no sign-up required).

Want to learn more about Coresound pads? Go here.


Big Thanks... 

Big thanks to Mike Graff and Coresoundmusic.com for the music on the podcast today. Check them out for all your video soundtrack and other royalty-free music needs.

And also huge thanks to Chris Skelnick for editing the podcast.  


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