10 Symptoms of “the ME’s”

A worship band is a ripe environment to grow the virus that causes “the MEs.”

If I sit on the same spot on the same stage and play the same instrument week after week, who owns that spot?


I’ve now got a case of the MEs: Musician Entitlement Syndrome. Forget about me being open to new members. They can take my spot, but only when I’m on vacation.

Below are 10 symptoms of the MEs. Not all of them necessarily point to Musician Entitlement Syndrome. But there’s an awful good chance they do. People suffering from “the MEs” just may display the following symptoms:

1. Showing up late.

2. Showing up unprepared.

3. Not showing up at all to rehearsal, but still expecting to participate on Sunday.

4. Getting tweaked when someone else is given a lead part, solo, etc.

5. Getting territorial when a new person joins the team.

Often manifested through…

6. Gossip.

Gossip is a form of…

7. Seeking validation. I try to validate my low view of Person A by getting Person B to agree with that low view.

8. Not wanting a Sunday off unless I’m on vacation.

9. Gets upset when the status quo gets upset. People suffering from MEs don’t often like change…unless it clearly benefits them.

10. Reads a list like this one and thinks the blogger is a complete moron.

Question: What signs and symptoms of “the ME’s” do you see on your worship team?

Jon Nicol