Three Worship Myths That Frustrate Smaller Churches

Myth #1
We Need A Band If We’Re Going Have Modern/Relevant Worship Music.

No, you don’t.

A band is nice. But two solid musicians creating good music will do more for your musical worship than a cobbled-together band. Take a look at what one acoustic guitar and piano did for the accompaniment for Kari Jobe.

If you don’t have anything, you still have voices. God doesn’t mind a cappella.

You might even try to sing along with tracks (anything from the original recording, an accompaniment CD, or even from a multitrack provider).

No band needed.

Myth #2
We Need To Do Modern/Contemporary Worship Music.

Instead of thinking contemporary music, think contextual music – what works in your context. Think both about the people that are there, and the ones you are trying to reach. Those might be two different groups. But there might be a common ground.

I live in an area where country and bluegrass music is really popular. I’ve just added a violin, and I’m on the lookout for other instruments that we can flavor our music towards our context.

Myth #3
We Need To Do Music.

Music is a powerful tool for worship. It’s a medium that connects with our emotions. But it’s not the only container in which we bring our worship before the throne of our King. If you don’t have the resources to “do” musical worship each week, explore other ways to worship a few Sundays a month.

And if your church equates worship with music, maybe it’s time to intentionally put a moratorium on music. Choose to worship together in other ways for a Sunday or two, or ten.


God has given your church everything you need right now to worship Him right now.

Unfortunately we’ve allowed the “big box church” worship leaders and signed recording/worship artists to set our expectations for worship.

You can do two things with expectations – meet them or change them. If you’re leading a smaller church worship ministry, I’d say change them. You’ll be far less frustrated.

For discussion below: If you’re in a smaller church, what are some ways that you have “used what you have right now” to lead people into worship.

Jon Nicol