Jealousy in Worship – Why It’s Twice as Deadly

Today’s post is written by guest writer, Andrea Hamilton Binley.

There’s a well-known list (as well as a super creepy 90’s movie) known as the “seven deadly sins.” I don’t know just how biblical it is to call just seven sins deadly, but jealousy definitely deserves to be on that list.

Have you seen jealousy sneak into a team before? Have you ever had to fight it in your own heart? Here are some serious reasons why it’s detrimental for a worship community.

1. Jealousy Invites Division

Why is envy so dangerous for a worship team? It makes unity impossible.

Think about what happens when a person wishes they had the gifts, talents or popularity someone else has. There is no way to simultaneously support, encourage, or celebrate the person they’re envying.

This type of competition and discontent creates a gnarly rift. In fact, James even says, “Where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing.” (James 3:16)

In her awesome book Battlefield of the Mind, Joyce Meyer says, “Envy will cause a person to behave in a way that is callous and crude – even animalistic at times.” (p. 263) Isn’t that true!?!?

She goes on to say, “[T]he Bible teaches us that there is no such thing as real peace until we are delivered from the need to compete with others.” (p. 265)

Feeling competitive with people who are supposed to be your brothers and sisters makes it impossible to operate as a ministry team. There are too many people out there who need Jesus for us to be getting jealous and competitive with each other! Let’s stay focused on the task at hand.


2. Jealousy Separates Us From God’s Plan

Here’s the reason you don’t have the exact “stuff” that other person has: God gave you other stuff.

Don’t focus on how you wish He’d made you – you might forget there is a specific purpose for the way He did make you. “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” – 1 Peter 4:10

We want teams full of people that embrace who they are in Christ – not wish they were something other. Be secure in exactly who you are in Him; this world needs you to get comfortable with that and live it out.


3. Jealousy Cracks The Door For The Enemy

A handful of years ago, I got sick and wasn’t able to sing for a while. During the last part of my health battle, I lived in a house with an amazing singer, who God blessed with favor and musical success.

I remember a few strange days where I began to be caught off guard by jealous thoughts as she’d walk by singing, or when I’d hear her song on TV.

Then I had a dream that was clearly a warning from the Lord.

In the dream, I owned an apartment and had just kicked someone out. Then, two new, boisterous roommates moved in and began to take over my space and rearrange my closet.

When I woke up, Matthew 12:43-45 popped into my head, and I knew some serious spiritual battle was going on; I was being set free from one thing, and the enemy was trying to come back with something WORSE – jealousy.

I’m grateful for that clear realization that envy is something I should resist. It’s dark and dangerous.

Let’s ask God for help to see the beauty of how He’s made us, and how great it is to be exactly where we are on our own paths with Him. This is my prayer today:

Dear God, You are the best Inventor ever. Thank you for how You’ve made me. Help me to see myself through Your eyes. You’re not hindered by my outward appearance, humble social media presence, musical limitations, past sins, age, or anything else. Use me for Your glory – and help me get out of the way and let You work!! Bring me peace in my heart with everyone around me. Give us all unity so we can serve You. In Jesus’ flawless Name, Amen.

Andrea Hamilton Binley is the worship director at Inland Hills Church and singer/songwriter at Follow her on Twitter @AndreaHamilton. 

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