8 Ways to Avoid the Capo Prayer

Today’s post is a guest article I wrote for WorshipLeader.com.

The Capo Prayer

Lord, you’re so awesome.
(Worship leader reaches up to his headstock)

We stand amazed by you, God.
(Feels around for the capo clamped there)

We’re just so humbled to be in your presence, God.
(Unclamps it)

We ask you to move in our hearts, Lord.
(Sneaks a peek to locate the fret)

And we pray, God, that you…
(Clamps capo down, but realizes it’s too far behind the fret)

…that you…um…
(Readjusts capo…)

…be here with us, Lord, as we continue to worship you, God. Amen.
(Starts strumming)

This is the Capo Prayer, now a standard liturgy known and recited by millions of acoustic guitar-playing worship leaders every Sunday. 

It usually comes in the form of, “Oh no, I forgot that I need to change my capo for this next song and I don’t want to ruin the moment.”

I’ve always wondered what God thinks of our capo prayers:

Oh, wait, you’re talking to me? Because you seem much more focused on the fourth fret down there.

Is God offended by my cheap prayer? Or does he just chuckle at me like I do when my 3-year-old insists on making his own frozen waffles.

I’m really not sure. (Although, personally I’d err on the side of the waffles.) 

Regardless, it is a cheap trick to make a transition. We have to find better ways to create smooth segues rather than half-focused conversations with God.

One Big Rule

So there’s one big rule to follow when it comes to replacing the Capo Prayer with something more meaningful…

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Jon Nicol