Episode 005: How to Move Your Guitarists from Adequate to Exceptional


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In today’s podcast, I interview Jason Houtsma of WorshipArtistry.com. If you’re not familiar with WorshipArtistry.com, you’re about to find your most favorite Go-To place to train and develop your guitarists.

Here are some questions we dive into:

  • What are some of the common mistakes and issues you see with worship team guitarists?
  • What are some ways that you see WLs not leading their guitarists well? What can us worship leaders do better when it comes to leading our guitarists.
  • Why learn the guitar parts from the recording? Why not just make up your own part?
  • Any tricks or hacks that you can share with guitarists for learning songs quickly?
  • How do you move from “knowing the notes” to “nailing it”?
  • How can worship leaders encourage their electric guitarists to pursue and be students of good tone.
  • And what are some ways guitarists can get that good tone without breaking the bank with boutique pedals and high ends amps?
  • What are some ways to keep the stage volume down but still get the sound they need?



Jon Nicol