Episode 025: The Vocalist Episode with Gateway Worship Leaders Anna Byrd and Jill Brewer


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In this episode we interview Gateway vocalists/worship leaders Jill Brewer and Anna Byrd. We get into topics like:

  • pop vocal technique
  • lead vocal teams
  • vocal health
  • fears and insecurities vocalists face
  • Star Wars (yes, Star Wars)

About Jill Brewer:
Jill and her husband, Robb, both serve on staff at Gateway church. Robb is an Executive Pastor at the Southlake Campus, and Jill is the Associate Director in Worship Development over vocal development.

They have 4 kids ranging from 21-14 years old, and all 4 kids are involved in worship teams across the different Gateway campuses.

While studying Music Education at Texas Christian University, Jill started teaching voice and piano privately, and has now been doing so for 25 years. The last 8 years or so have been devoted to learning and teaching the Pop-Style vocal technique that she learned while studying with Brian Schexnayder. This technique is what all of Gateways vocalists are using, and what is also being taught in Gateway’s Worship Team Academy, a training ground for developing the next generation of worshippers.

Connect with Jill at jill.a.brewer [at] gmail [dot] com

About Anna
Anna Byrd is a singer/songwriter and Worship Leader at Gateway Church. You can learn more about her at annabyrdmusic.com

Twitter: @annabyrd
Instagram: @annabyrdmusic


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