Why Recording Your Worship Team Will Help Them Improve

In this video blog, Brendan Prout walks us through why recording worship services and rehearsals is a great tool for improving your worship team . He also discuss how to do it. See below the video for an outline of his points.


Recording our worship services and mid-week rehearsal lets us review and critique, so we can get better.

  • Record in multitrack if possible to strip away other elements to hear individual
  • Individual musicians can listen to themselves and ask:
    • Are you we grooving together?
    • Am I on the same page with what the melody, the rhythm, and the harmony actually doing?
    • Does the part I’m playing actual fit what’s going on with rest of the team?

Recording benefits for the the leader.

  • Allows you to ask: what is every member of the team doing?
  • Helps you to have conversations with your team members about specific improvement.
  • Dialog vs. Dictation: Talk about changes and improvements. Don’t dictate.

Sharing and Encouragement

  • Recording also allows you to share the set with your team to encourage them, “Listen to how well we played that. Let’s keep it up.”

If you don’t have multitrack recording ability:

  • iPhone or digital recorder
  • Split the signal from IEMs output and record that.

Recording Benefits The Tech and Worship Leader Relationship

  • Allows you to have have conversation with sound tech about how things were mixed.
  • Let’s you compare “vision” to reality—that is, you can talk to your sound tech about what your vision for the mix is and how close it currently is.
  • Avoid telling/dictating. Have conversations and ask the necessary question.
  • Gets leader and sound tech on the same page.

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