Episode 08: Six Crucial Leadership Roles (And Why You Struggle with at Least Two)


In this episode we’re talking about leadership—specifically the six worship leadership roles that your ministry needs.

Now, if you listened to Episode #1, which was the overview of the Healthy Ministry Framework, you’ll remember that there were three big elements of that framework that really were an equation.

Engaged Team Members +
Effective System x
Equipped Leaders =
Healthy Worship Ministry


So this episode is focused on what leadership looks like within the Worship Ministry.

I’m talking to Robin Walters.

For the first part of the conversation we’re going to dig into her journey from a choir member (with some attitude) to actually leading that entire worship ministry.

And she’s not in a small church: She’s in a church of about 4000 people. It’s quite a story, and as you listen, you will hear some fantastic leadership principles being discussed.

And then, in the second half of our conversation, but we dig specifically into the six crucial worship leadership roles that every worship ministry needs.


Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Worship Leadership Role Indicator

Worship Leadership Role Indicator

There are six critical roles that every worship ministry needs. Unfortunately, you’re only “amazing” at one or two of the roles. And at least one of them drains you of energy and joy—aka, your kryptonite.

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Worship Workshop

WORSHIP WORKSHOP: Transform Your Team Members into Team Leaders, Mentors and Role Models

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