Episode 09: The Six Mistakes That Keep Your Church From Singing


Welcome to the WorshipWorkshop Podcast where we help you grow a stronger team that leads engaging worship.

In today’s episode, we’re looking at the common things that keeps our churches from singing.

As worship leaders and team members, we can’t make someone sing out and worship.

We’re just there trying to create an environment that encourages people to participate in this musical worship that we lead.

But here’s the problem: since we’re able to encourage participation, it stands to reason that we can also discourage it.

So here are  the six mistakes that we make that might be keep our church from singing:

  1. You have “Stand Zombies”
  2. Your songs are too high.
  3. Your songs are too complicated.
  4. You have too many new or unfamiliar songs.
  5. Worship sets are too long.
  6. Music volume is too loud or too soft.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

PSA: Don’t Get Audited (But Don’t Give the Government Too Much Money Either)

We talk to my accountant and former federal auditor Eric Bisignano (CPA) about clergy tax laws, what you can write off and what you can’t, and keeping yourself on the IRS’s good side.

Eric’s company is called Charitax and he has a heart for pastors and churches. You can get a free call with Eric Bisignano by going to clergytaxninja.com.

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