Episode 16: How to Use the Fourfold Pattern of Worship in a Modern Church, Part 1


We’re diving into the practical application of something that Dr. Lester Ruth introduced us to in Episode 13, which is the ancient fourfold pattern of worship.

Lester gave us some fantastic ideas to implement that order of worship. But I wanted to dig even deeper, so I asked worship leader, teacher, and theologian RobStill to help us apply the fourfold pattern of worship into our modern worship settings.

Even if you are in a modern church setting, don’t dismiss this idea of the fourfold pattern of worship. It’s not just a liturgical thing or just a traditional thing. It can bring a more meaningful journey to your worship services.

In part 1 of this interview, we lay the groundwork for understanding how the fourfold pattern of worship fits, and then talk practically about the first two movements. In part 2, we discuss the second two patterns and talk about how to include this model in different settings.

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Resources from Rob

Rob StillAbout Rob:
Rob Still is a worship pastor, songwriter, producer, seminar instructor, author and coach from Nashville, TN.

He has taught on the mission field in over 20 nations, including much of South America, Uganda, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Israel, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Serbia.

He has served as Worship Pastor or leader for several churches in the Nashville area, most recently Franklin First United Methodist and prior to that Belmont Church on Music Row. 

He is author of the devotional book “Resurrection Power: 50 Days That Rocked The World” and a frequent contributor for many leading worship websites. 

Before entering vocational ministry, Rob was an award winning producer for one of Nashville’s leading advertising music production companies, composing jingles and post-scores for hundreds of brands including Wal-Mart, Nike, Cracker Barrel, Pizza Hut and many others.

He has many free resources available at robstill.com.

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