We'll Help You Equip a Strong Team That Leads Engaging Worship.

Grow Leaders

Equip Team Members

Engage Your Church

Grow Leaders

Equip Team Members

Engage Your Church

We Get Your Challenges...

Started by a long-time worship leader—and now with a team of experienced worship leaders—we've gone up against the same challenges you have right now:


Lack of Leaders?

You’ve got potential leaders, but you don’t have the time—or a ready-made process—to develop them.

We have the tools and process to help you grow leaders, no matter what level they’re at.


Musically Shallow?

Maybe you don’t have enough musicians. Or maybe you do, but they need to grow in their musical and platform skills.

We’ve got tools that can help you get more (and better) musicians.



Do the high demands of Sunday after Sunday leave little time to grow your ministry into the future?

We can help you tackle the weekly stuff and grow beyond "this Sunday."


Team Issues?

Egos and attitudes are a part of every team—especially when it’s all musicians.

We can help you overcome relational roadblocks and heart-attitude issues that are holding back your ministry.

Limited People and Resources

Leading in a Small Church?

Is your church under 200 average weekly attendance? You’ve got all the above challenges and more.
Don’t worry, we can help you do more with less (and we keep it affordable for your budget).

Whatever challenge you've got...


The EQUIPPED Workshop

How to Lead, Teach, and Unleash a Healthy Worship Team 


To help you intentionally level-up your worship team, we’ve created a three-part, ministry-jumpstart workshop called Equipped: How To Lead, Teach, & Unleash a Healthy Worship Team.

The EQUIPPED Workshop will give you a process to...

  • Develop engaging team members...
  • Grow strong leaders...
  • And build a healthy team culture.

What You Get...

3 In-Depth Modules / Bite-Sized Video Lessons

The Implementation Guidebook

Team Member Assessments

Coaching Emails

The EQUIPPED Workshop will help you...

Get a Clear Picture...

... where your team is at, and where they need to go.

Grow Your Ministry...

...for the long-term, and still have time to prepare for 'this Sunday.'

Discover the Process...

...to build a team of leaders, mentors, and role models, step-by-step.

Implement the Plan...

...with a practical guidebook and insightful assessments.

Go Further, Faster...

...with accelerated training—complete the workshop in less than ninety minutes.

This premium-level video workshop is a jumpstart to build your ministry. You can get full access to it for only $7!

Purchase The Workshop Today. Only $7.

Click the button to purchase the full workshop with a one-time only payment of $7.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good can a $7 course really be?

Pretty stinking good. This course contains over two hours of NO FLUFF content.  Plus, you get multiple guidebooks, assessments, case studies, and 'cheatsheets' to help you implement this ministry-changing content.

So why ONLY $7??

This training is the FOUNDATIONAL for how we help worship leaders...

  • equip stronger teams,
  • grow leaders,
  • lead more engaging worship,

...and build the kind of worship ministry they love to lead.

How long will the EQUIPPED Course take me?

There are three in-depth modules that have bite-size video lessons (between 4 and 7 minutes each). You can finish in under two hours.

Imagine, $7 and less than 2 hours to know how to equip your worship team to grow musically, spiritually, and relationally.

Not quite ready for the full workshop?

Get This FREE Quick-Start Video Training

Go From Stuck to Leveled-Up with this Quick Start Leader Training.

Learn which growth level your team is stuck on (and how you can break them free).

"From Stuck to Leveled-Up" Leader's Training will help you...

  • Understand the five levels of engagement.
  • Determine which level each of your team members are at.
  • Understand what might be keeping them stuck at that level.
  • Take the next steps to move them from "stuck" to "leveling-up."

How To Get This Free Training Video & Guidebook

Click the "Get Free Access Now" button.

Complete the request form.

Check your inbox in about 2 minutes.

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What Other Leaders Are Saying

Are You a Senior Pastor...

...with a worship leader who needs training/mentoring?

...or, who wants to lead your worship pastor better?

...or, hiring a new worship pastor/leader?

Learn More About How We Can Help You.

What Makes WorshipTeamCoach Different?

There are a lot of great worship resource sites out there. Many of them are our ministry partners and friends. But what’s unique about WorshipTeamCoach.com that will help you lead your worship ministry to that next level of exceptional?

Our white-hot passion here at WorshipTeamCoach.com is this: we want to help worship leaders build stronger teams that lead engaging and life-changing worship.

And we do that through a simple, three-part framework that you can implement.

The Exceptional Ministry Framework (aka “the Framework”) is simple. We help you...

  • Grow engaged team members...
  • Implement time-saving ministry systems, and the you...
  • Multiply all that by developing equipped leaders.

It looks like this:

process equation

Even though it’s simple, it’s not easy. The weekly rhythm of every Sunday creates a high demand on your time.

As experienced vocational worship leaders ourselves, we know the challenge of preparing to lead your church into the presence of God each Sunday AND trying to lead your team forward to that next level of exceptional—musically, spiritually and relationally.

But you can do it. You can successfully lead your team into and through that next growth phase. And we want to play a small supporting role as you make lead that journey.

We can help you sharpen your leadership, confidently build strong teams and make a lasting difference in people’s lives.

In our jumpstart workshop, Equipped: How To Lead, Teach, & Unleash a Healthy Worship Team, you’ll learn a step-by-step process for developing that first part of the framework - Growing Engaged Team Members.

We also can help you through individual coaching, mentoring, video workshops, worship team training courses worship leaders, and even a few books we’ve written.

But the best place to start is with a simple, $7 investment that jumpstart course,  Equipped: How To Lead, Teach, & Unleash a Healthy Worship Team.

Whatever size or style of your church, you will find this super practical workshop will prepare you level-up your worship ministry.

There’s a lot on your shoulders. We want to help lighten that load so you can lead your team further, faster.

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