Episode 03: The Enneagram For Worship Leaders


Nate BeboutOn this episode, we talk with pastor and Enneagram consultant, Nate Bebout, about how the Enneagram can help you grow as a leader, as a whole person, and as a follower of Jesus. We also dig into how it help you better lead and grow your worship team.

Dig Deeper at “The Enneagram For Worship Leader Workshop”

The Enneagram for Worship Leaders Workshop

The On Demand version is available if you’re discovering this after February 17, 2020. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Session 1: An Enneagram Summary In the Context of a Worship Ministry

You will come away from this session with deeper understanding of the nine types/strategies of the Enneagram. And you’ll also see how these nine types affect your worship ministry.

Session 2: Communication and Collaboration with the Enneagram

You’ll see how you and your team can communicate and work together more effectively when you understand and can apply the Enneagram.

Session 3: Case Study

Nate is going to coach Jon Nicol through the Enneagram Assessment results for his team (and his wife). This will give you a deeper insight into how the Enneagram will help you level-up your worship ministry (along with your marriage).

Session 4: Application / Q&A

For those who attend live, you’ll be able ask specific questions about the Enneagram for yourself and your team. Nate can also dig into specific examples with you about how knowing your type can be a better leader.

Register Here:

(If you’re discovering this after the live event, you can use this link to register for the on-demand version.)



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