Five Tips For A More Spontaneous Worship Team

Want your worship team be more spontaneous in worship? You’ll learn five practical ways to help your musicians become freer and more confident as they lead.


The Six Must-Have Elements of a Team Scheduling System

You need a fantastic scheduling process. In fact, you can raise the commitment level of your team members with these six must-have elements.

Personal Monitor Mistakes

The Seven Rookie Mistakes Worship Teams Make With Personal Mixers

If your personal monitor isn’t mixed right, it can cause issues for you, your team, and the congregation you’re leading in worship.

Why Everything In Your Worship Ministry is YOUR Fault

Why Everything In Your Worship Ministry is YOUR Fault

The good and bad news: you are responsible for the systems that allow, enable, encourage, create and/or perpetuate unhealthy behavior and poor attitudes.

Songwriting for Worship with Greg Sykes

Songwriting for the Church with Greg Sykes

In this interview with Greg Sykes, we talk everything songwriting: co-writing, writing for the church, getting feedback, and doing the hard work.