Episode 04: How To Motivate Unmotivated Team Members

You might have unmotivated slackers or solid team members who just need a course correction. This episode will help you motivate ALL of your team members.

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Episode 03: The Enneagram For Worship Leaders

On this special Enneagram for Worship Leaders episode, we talk to an expert about how the Enneagram can help you grow as a leader and better lead your team.


Episode 02: The 7 Subtle Stumbling Blocks for Your Worship Team

It’s critical for worship leaders to develop “engaged” team members. So we dig into 7 Subtle Stumbling Blocks that keep team members from fully engaging.


Episode 01: The 9 False Beliefs Keeping You From a Stronger, Healthier Worship Ministry

We’re exploring what the Healthy Ministry Framework is and nine false beliefs that keep leaders from growing a healthier, stronger worship ministry.


Episode 00: Introducing “The Worship Workshop Podcast”

Welcome to the new Worship Workshop Podcast! This is podcast for the worhsip leader who is serious about building a strong team that leads engaging worship.