The 4 Parts of a Powerful Worship Set

Creating and leading a powerful worship service requires four critical elements — Planning, Preparation, People, and Presence.

Why Lateness Hurts Your Team (More Than You Think)

Why Late Team Members Hurt Your Team (More Than You Think)

Here are eight ways that late team members are damaging our ministries. And then we’ll look at the practical steps that leaders can do to change this.

31 Summer Worship Ideas

31 Summer Worship Ideas To Level-Up Your Ministry

Leading a worship ministry in the summer can be challenging for so many reasons. Here are 31 ideas to make the most of your summer worship planning.


LENT: A Crash Course for the Modern Church Worship Leader

A quick look at what Lent is and some ways to observe it. Discovered the richness and depth Lent can bring to your worship planning.


Worship Planning: Should All Songs Point to the Pulpit?

Some senior pastors require all songs to fit the message theme. This actually hinders preparation and affects the quality of the music and flow of the set.