Heart Check Devotional

Free Worship Team Devotional: Heart Check, 3

“I just worship better when i’m on stage.” Have you ever heard a team member say this? This team devotional cuts to the heart of this dangerous attitute.


10 Tips To a Better Rehearsal, Part 3

Leading a high quality worship team rehearsal requires that you do just that: LEAD. These final four tips give you practical steps to do just that.


10 Tips to a Better Rehearsal, Part 2

In part two, we cover two critical tactics for running a worship team rehearsal: the sound tech’s role and listening to songs: helpful or hurtful?


10 Tips to a Better Rehearsal, Part 1

Your worship team rehearsal is critical. It doesn’t just prepare the team musically, but it also begins to create the environment of worship for Sunday.


Kind Versus Nice

I’m a people-pleaser at heart, so being nice is an enormous temptation. I’m realizing that niceness is just hollow way to protect my feelings.