Episode 12: How to Develop the Platform Presence of Your Worship Team

In This Episode: Free Training for Your Team


Welcome to the WorshipWorkshop Podcast where we help you grow a stronger team that leads engaging worship.

Would you love to see your worship team get better at expressing their worship with more freely, and engaging the congregation with more confidence. Or maybe you just would love to get your team members heads out of their music stands. If so listen to this episode.

We’re digging into platform presence—how leaders and team members engage the congregation through visual leadership and modeling biblical expressions of worship.

I’ve taught this content as a breakout session several times at various conferences. To make it even more useful for you, as I taught for you in the audio podcast world, I’ve screen-captured my slides. And now I’m making that video available for you for free to download.

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Engaged: Develop Your Team's Platform Presence

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Stuff Mentioned In This Episode:

Lead Worshiper 101 & 201

Lead Worship 101 and 201Your Team Will Learn…

  • Their Unique Role as Lead Worshipers
  • Why Preparation Matters
  • How To Be Ready Spiritually, Not Just Prepare Musically
  • How To Lead When You Don’t Feel “Spiritual”
  • Why The Songs We Sing Matter (And How Not To Get Sick Of Them)
  • What Platform Presence Is (And Why It Matters)
  • How To Be Expressive & Engaging (Without Being Fake)
  • How To Serve With The Right Heart

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The Worship Workshop Learning Community (Facebook Group)

Don’t know what our Worship Workshop Learning Community is?

Our new Worship Workshop Facebook Group isn’t another place to swap setlists and post pictures of your new stage design. This is about helping you transform your team members through…

  • training…
  • community…
  • encouragement…
  • and challenge.

And, it’s free to join. Each week, there will be new training lessons for you and/or your team members. And each month, there’ll be a limited-time premium class that’s geared to grow your team musically, relationally, or spiritually.

Again, it’s all free.

The Worship Workshop Learning Community Facebook Group will give you a “training space” where you can challenge your team, celebrate their wins, and give them quick, bite-size training to help them grow and mature.

Go here to learn more.


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