Episode 06: The Eight Critical Systems That Run (or Wreck) Your Worship Ministry, Part 1

There are eight critical systems that can make your worship ministry run successfully or run off the rails. Learn how to improve ministry systems.


10 Rules for Keeping Christmas Simple

Feeling pressure to top your Christmas services from last year? Overwhelmed by all the extra work that the Advent season requires? You need these rules.


Episode 05: Aaron Niequist—Four Rocks Songs and a Hymn (Aren’t Enough)

We discuss with Aaron Niequist how the ideas in this book, The Eternal Current, might help us reshape our corporarate worship, and even our personal faith.


Episode 04: How To Motivate Unmotivated Team Members

You might have unmotivated slackers or solid team members who just need a course correction. This episode will help you motivate ALL of your team members.

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Episode 03: The Enneagram For Worship Leaders

On this special Enneagram for Worship Leaders episode, we talk to an expert about how the Enneagram can help you grow as a leader and better lead your team.