Is Your Team Full of Renters, Squatters or Stewards?

One of the marks of an unhealthy worship team is the presence of renters and squatters. Neither are serving for the reason.

Heart Check Devotional

Free Worship Team Devotional: Heart Check, 3

“I just worship better when i’m on stage.” Have you ever heard a team member say this? This team devotional cuts to the heart of this dangerous attitute.


10 Tips To a Better Rehearsal, Part 3

Leading a high quality worship team rehearsal requires that you do just that: LEAD. These final four tips give you practical steps to do just that.


10 Tips to a Better Rehearsal, Part 2

In part two, we cover two critical tactics for running a worship team rehearsal: the sound tech’s role and listening to songs: helpful or hurtful?


10 Tips to a Better Rehearsal, Part 1

Your worship team rehearsal is critical. It doesn’t just prepare the team musically, but it also begins to create the environment of worship for Sunday.