Episode 02: The 7 Subtle Stumbling Blocks for Your Worship Team

It’s critical for worship leaders to develop “engaged” team members. So we dig into 7 Subtle Stumbling Blocks that keep team members from fully engaging.


Episode 01: The 9 False Beliefs Keeping You From a Stronger, Healthier Worship Ministry

We’re exploring what the Healthy Ministry Framework is and nine false beliefs that keep leaders from growing a healthier, stronger worship ministry.


Episode 00: Introducing “The Worship Workshop Podcast”

Welcome to the new Worship Workshop Podcast! This is podcast for the worhsip leader who is serious about building a strong team that leads engaging worship.


Worship Planning: Are You Feeding Or Nourishing?

When it comes to worship planning, are your songs giving your church what they really need? We can sing great songs and sound great, but is that enough?


Senior Pastor: What Should You Do With An Older Worship Leader?

Does your older worship leader seem out-of-touch or doesn’t connect with your younger generations? Find out how to lead him or her towards greater impact.